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When electronic/electrical components need protection in a variety of environments, Enclosures Are The Answer


Knowledgeable technical support for specifying and sourcing enclosure products, unmatched competive pricing to demanding customer supply chain

We're experts in enclosures specializing in the production of: 

  • Plastic  

  • Aluminum

  • Cast Iron

  • Steel

  • Water Proof

  • Iron Cabinet

  • Plastic Cabinet

  • Wall Mount

  • Electronic Junction Boxes

  • Display Enclosures

  • Relay Enclosures and Sockets

  • Desk-Top Enclosures

  • IC Card Reader Enclosures

  • Industrial Enclosures

  • Standard Din-Rail Enclosures

  • Frequency Transducer Enclosures

  • Digital Panel Meter Enclosures

  • Transparent Covers

  • Plastic Knob

  • Plastic Equipment Cases

  • Plastic Cable Glands

  • Metal Cable Glands

  • Other

Currently offer a standard line of thousands of world-class quality products having passed ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OSHA 18001 quality system, UL, CE, CQC, CCC, VDE, TUV and RoHS, Listed Compliant Products.

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