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Ensuring quality and accuracy from start to finish - process control for product assembly, packaging, and shipping


We deliver custom packaging, production-ready assembly kits, marking and labeling meeting your specific needs and within your budget 

Custom Packaging - Reliance North Americ
Custom Packaging - Reliance NA.jpg
anti static bags, packaging.jpg

Custom Packaging

The right packaging can protect or even extend the life of a part or give you an opportunity to make a good first impression. We deliver custom packaging for a variety of uses at the individual unit level.

  • Custom-branded packaging at the individual bag level

  • Anti-static packaging ESD-sensitive (electrostatic discharge) devices

  • Protective caps/vials for assemblies containing PC tail contacts

Kitting - RNA
Kitting - RNA.jpg

Custom Kitting

Even if you’re ordering parts from different manufacturers, there’s no need for you to sort, reorganize and re-bag parts on your end. We offer custom production-ready kitting of parts so that you can get the exact combinations you need.

Bar Codes.JPG
Custom Bar Coding - Labeling - RNA.jpg

Custom Bar Coding, Marking & Labeling

We can deliver custom bar coding and labels for easy identification to help to ease receiving, stocking and deployment/use at your location or for branding purposes.

  • 1D and 2D bar coding capabilities

  • Custom labels/barcodes per your specification

  • Company logos on labels/barcodes

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