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Specialize in designing, testing and producing customized connectivity solutions exceeding expections


When you need the right tool for the job,

Reliance North America Gets the Job Done From Conception to Production

Reliance North America (RNA) serves the OEM/ODM market with superb high-performance electrical and electronics connectivity products that are designed to meet custom specifications.

Our company is comprised of an international team of experts in various technologies and applications. This expertise translates to unsurpassed Custom Product Development and Contract Manufacturing through our manufacturing, serving global brands throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.

The RNA team understands the need that many companies have for knowledgeable technical support when considering:



From our world-class quality ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001-compliant facilities, to our unsurpassed custom product design and production services, to our aggressive Price Protection Policy, the entire Reliance team works tirelessly every day to surpass each customer’s expectations.


Product Design

Product Modification


Custom Molding

Assembly Line.JPG

Volume Manufacturing

Packaging and Kitting

Custom Product Solutions

If you have a special requirement beyond our extensive standard product line, just talk to us.


If the volume is there we will help you design and manufacture the product that you need. RNA’s manufacturers have in-house capabilities, including its own in-house UL Testing Labs, to create, modify and manufacture existing products, as well as aid development of new products. With a full complement of over engineering and molding experts, the Reliance team provides superb custom-engineered solutions across many product categories.

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